TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize 2018 for Scientists from Developing Countries (USD$100,000 Prize)

The TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize is one of the most prestigious honours given to scientists from the developing world. In 2018 the prize will be given for outstanding achievements in Engineering Sciences.

Field. During the first four-year cycle (2013-2016), the prize subject focused on the basic sciences, with the specific subject area changing each year: physics and astronomy (2013), biological sciences (2014), mathematics (2015) and chemical sciences (2016). During the second fouryear cycle (2017-2020) the prize subjects will be: Geological Sciences (2017), Engineering

Sciences (2018), Agricultural Sciences (2019), Social Sciences (2020).

For the 2018 edition of the prize, TWAS will consider candidates with world-class achievements in Engineering Sciences.


The TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize will carry a monetary award of USD100,000 provided byLenovo, as well as a medal and a certificate highlighting the  recipient’s major contributions to science.

The prize will be presented to the recipient at a special ceremony arranged by TWAS.



  • Nominations are invited from TWAS members, selected individuals, as well as from science academies, national research councils, universities and scientific institutions.
  • Nominations of women scientists are particularly encouraged. Self-nominations and nominations from jury members will not be accepted.



  • Candidates must be nationals of a developing country and must have lived and worked in a developing country for the last 10 years.
  • The prize will only be awarded to individuals for scientific research of outstanding international merit carried out at institutions in developing countries.
  • Jury members and previous winners of the Trieste Science Prize (also administered by TWAS) are not eligible for the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize.

Evaluation. The evaluation and selection will be carried out by an authoritative international jury chaired by the TWAS president and including a representative from Lenovo.

TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize Secretariat

ICTP Campus, Strada Costiera 11

34151 Trieste, Italy

Phone: +39 040 2240 387

Fax: +39 040 22407387


Application doc(s):




Contact email:


Application Deadline: April 16th 2018


For More Information Visit the Official Webpage of the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize 2018


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