Ian Parry Scholarship 2016

This year, 2016, we have made significant adjustments to the Scholarship awards.

There will now be two awards, The Award for Achievement and the Award for Potential, the entry criteria for both will remain the same and the judges will make their decisions based on the individual merits and appropriateness of the entries.

We have also introduced a year long Mentorship Programme for the winner of the Award for Potential.

Entrants must submit a portfolio and a brief but clear proposal of a project they would undertake if they won the scholarship.

The award is open to all full time students from any country of any age including recently (within the last year) graduated students and BA, MA and MFA students. It is also open to photographers (not attending a course) from any country who are 24 years old or younger.

It is important to read the entry criteria, failure to meet the requirements will eliminate the entry.

  • Send a 12 image portfolio, which can be a photographic essay or single images with clear captions for each image.
  • If sending a photographic essay, it does not have to be related to your project proposal.
  • A brief and clear proposal of a project you wish to undertake should you win, mapping out the scope and purpose of your project.
  • You should include your research and a basic budget with your proposal.
  • There is no fee for entry.


The award will be judged by our Patron Don McCullin, our Trustees and invited judges, leading figures from the international photographic community.

Benefits include:

Our Main Sponsors, The Incite Project, will add work from the winners to their prestigious collection and invite them to visit the collection for a private tour.

Each winner will receive $3,500 towards their chosen project

Mentorship Programme- the winner of the Award for Potential will receive one years personal Mentorship. This years Mentor is the highly respected Photojournalist and Ian Parry Board Member, Tom Stoddart

Canon provides equipment to the winners.

World Press Photo automatically accepts the winner of the Achievement Award into its final list of nominees for the Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam.

Reportage by Getty Images adds the winner of the Achievement Award to its on line Emerging Talent group.


Winners will be announced at our annual Awards and Exhibition event in London in the Autumn, details to follow.

Winning entrants will be required and agree to donate three sets of prints from a selection of their entry.

The prints will be paid for by The Ian Parry Scholarship and our sponsor The Incite Project, the third set will be for the winners.

Where possible, the winners will be invited to attend at our print sponsors, Touch Digital, during the printing and be given tuition on printing and archiving of their work.

Please follow us on twitter @ianparryscholar for updates.

Please visit this website for the latest news from winners like Marcus Bleasdale, Jonas Bendiksen, Simon Roberts, Leonie Hampton and Sebastian Liste.

Apply now

Thank you for your interest in the Ian Parry Scholarship.
You can apply for the Ian Parry Scholarship now via the online application platform.

The application deadline for the Ian Parry Scholarship 2016 is 7th July 2016.

for more information, visit the Official WebPage Here

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