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DHL Fair and Responsible Challenge 2016
Fair & Responsible Logistics embraces the idea that doing well comes from doing good. By taking a business-oriented approach to fairness and responsibility, companies can focus on creating shared value, turning social and environmental challenges into sustainable, fair, and potentially profitable business models. The DHL Innovation Challenge invites you to come up with original ideas and practical solutions that address and solve environmental and social challenges with new and innovative logistics-based business models.

This challenge is open to anyone (subject to terms & conditions) with an innovative idea for a Fair & Responsible Logistics solution – one that creates value for all stakeholders.

  • Pitch your concept to senior DHL executives
  • Participate in a joint proof-of-concept with DHL
  • Win €5,000 with DHL
  • Display the winning concept at the DHL Innovation Centers

How to Enter:

  • You’ll need to submit a description of your concept (containing 1,000 words or less) and video content (up to 2.5 minutes). For the top three entrants, this video will be used as part of the pitch at the DHL Innovation Day.
  • Both your document and your video content should outline the problem and explain the solution and its contribution to Fair & Responsible Logistics.


DHL Calling all inventors and visionaries! DHL couriers need your help to deal with the ever-increasing quantity of packages they deliver.

This year’s DHL Robotics Challenge requires you to design the prototype of a self-driving delivery cart that can autonomously accompany our postmen and women during last-mile delivery. Your prototype must be able to traverse typical urban and rural landscapes at walking speed while carrying parcels, saving our couriers the tiresome task of manually pushing a trolley.


  • Pitch your concept to senior DHL executives
  • Participate in a joint proof-of-concept with DHL
  • Win a grand prize of €10,000 with DHL €3,000 FOR THE SECOND PLACE €2,000FOR THE THIRD PLACE
  • Display the winning concept at the DHL Innovation Centers
 How to Enter:
  • It’s really easy to enter.
  • You’ll need to submit a document (containing 500 words or less) and video content of up to 3 minutes in length on this site, outlining the concept behind the prototype solution (see terms & conditions).
  • This document and video will be used for the initial assessment of all entries

for more information, visit the Official webpage  Here 

Closing Date: 28th September, 2016

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