Dalarna University International Students Scholarships 2017 Study in Sweden

International Student Scholarships are a testament to the commitment of Dalarna University to support outstanding international students. These scholarships are available to international students who have shown great interest and motivation to study at Dalarna University.


Before you apply for a scholarship, you must submit an application for the degree programme using the online application service for international programmes in Sweden at www.universityadmissions.se. The application deadline is normally between October and mid-January: for exact dates, please see the website above.

A list of applicants who have been awarded a scholarship will be published on the Dalarna University website.

Benefits and Requirements
  • Scholarships cover part of the tuition fee only and will not provide for accommodation, books, travel, or other personal or incidental expenses.
  • Scholarships are only available for students admitted to a degree program taught at Dalarna University.
  • Tuition fees will be waived in part for successful applicants. Payments are not made to the applicant.
  • The award of the scholarship is conditional upon registering on campus in the degree programme for which the award is made.
  • The scholarship is valid only for programmes starting during the upcoming academic year and is usually granted for one academic year (two terms). An extension is possible for programmes that are longer than two terms provided that study results are satisfactory.
  • The award period can neither be altered nor be extended, and some limitations may exist when using awards towards or during exchange studies.
  • Students who are suspended due to academic disciplinary reasons may forfeit part or all of their scholarship award.
Selection Criteria
Dalarna University scholarships are available to applicants who are required to pay tuition fees for full-time temporary studies at Dalarna University.

Selection and Decision

Decisions about who has been awarded a scholarship will be made no later than the following date:

The Office of Education and Research at DU is responsible for the processing of scholarship applications. Great emphasis is placed on the applicant’s previous education, references and personal letter. The Vice Chancellor makes the final decision on awards.
Priority is given to applicants for a full-degree program (on-campus) who have been selected in the first selection round at www.universityadmissions.se. There is no age limit; however, you are not eligible for the scholarships if you are already a student in the programme in question.
Application Deadline

The application deadline is March 1, 2017. Late entries will be processed in chronological order.

Supporting Documents for Applications
Please upload the following documents to your UniversityAdmissions.se user account.

  1. CV
  2. One reference letter (this should be written by a current/former teacher or employer)
Other (non-DU) Scholarships
Some applicants may also be eligible to apply for Swedish Institute Scholarships: see https://eng.si.se/areas-of-operation/scholarships-and-grants/.
Applicants from Belarus can find information about the Open Europe Scholarship Scheme at http://oess.eu/en.

Students interested in the Master’s Programme in Solar Energy Engineering who are citizens of developing countries may qualify for a scholarship offered by the Global Sustainable Electricty Project.

 for more information, visit the Official webpage HERE

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