American University of Beirut MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program Lebanon, 2016

Brief Description:

American University of Beirut (AUB) and The MasterCard Foundation have partnered to provide scholarships to students at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS).  This $9 million scholarship program will enable young adults who are sensitive to their communities’ concerns and proactive in their environment to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health or Medical Laboratory Sciences at AUB. In addition to full scholarships and living expenses, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars at AUB will benefit from intensive preparatory courses, mentoring, career counselling, and internships at institutions and organizations relevant to their field of study. A give-back component is incorporated into the program, which allows students to contribute to their communities through several volunteer projects and activities.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at AUB is restricted to the two (Environmental Health or Medical Laboratory Sciences) undergraduate programs at FHS.


The program is open to Lebanese and non-Lebanese students residing in Lebanon who fulfil the following criteria:

1. Attend public schools or attend private schools on financial aid scholarships

2. Show good academic standing in the first and second secondary classes

3. Demonstrate high financial need

4. Exhibit interest in environmental health and medical laboratory sciences

5. Exhibit interest in social and public health issues and community service

6. Score a minimum of 12/20 on the Lebanese Baccalaureate official exam

Program Benefits

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars will be offered:

1. Full tuition scholarships

2. Accommodation

3. Books and computer

4. Living expenses

5. Medical insurance

6. Intensive preparatory courses and SAT courses (as needed)

8. Close supervision and academic support

9. Community engagement opportunities

How to Apply

Interested candidates must fill out an application form and present it with the documents listed below in person to the AUB Office of Admissions.

Additional documents related to the applicant

1. Copy of identity card or passport

2. Two recent passport size photos

3. Official and sealed copy of first and second secondary classes school grades

4. Proof of previous scholarship or financial aid if applicable

5. Certified copy of Official Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate when available

Additional documents related to the applicant’s family

1. Family civil status record issued within the previous 3 months

2. Employment records (father’s and mother’s income statement)

3. For each dependent child enrolled at school or university; recent school certificate of registration showing annual tuition fees

4. Car registration form for each car owned

5. Proof of home ownership

6. Proof of land ownership

For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Maha Makki, Program Officer at the address below:

Faculty of Health Sciences

American University of Beirut

P.O.Box 11-0236

Riad El-Solh / Beirut 1107 2020

Tel:   +961-1-350000 (ext. 4600/4613)

Fax:  +961-1-744470



This scholarship is available to Lebanese and non-Lebanese students living in Lebanon. This scholarship will not apply if you don’t live in Lebanon*

Selected students are expected to sit for the EEE exam and the SAT exam at a date recommended by the selection committee


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